October 7, 2018

Added a new hold page Airplane Spin

August 12, 2018

Added the first hold page Abdominal Stretch

August 11, 2018

One more year... that's what I have promised myself for this website.

When I saw what the web hosting bill for one more year was going to be, I almost called it quits right there. It was the thought of taking one more shot at building a website I was proud of, fulfilling a need on the internet, and sharing my love of mixed wrestling with all the others like me out there that made me click that "Pay Now" button.

So, I will building the Holds gallery up first (only have the holds listed so far, individual hold pages up next!) then moving on to building other parts like Stories and personal Artwork.

You can expect to see the website update and grow regularly so check back to this homepage to see what's new!

Mav, aKa Mavrint, aKa Hubby, aKa Wife Tamer